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Welkom, Welcome, Bienvenue, Herzlich Willkommen, Lé Souhait



Welcome to Lé Souhait !

Lé Souhait is an innovative and young organization established in 2015 in
Lelystad, the Netherlands. We strive to provide you with an excellent selected
assortment that specifically concentrates on selling cosmetics and order beauty

We are currently busy with our website and creating a pool of products which
are interesting for you as our customer, which also means we are really busy
making it easy for your to navigate but also to innovate ourselves. Our
priority is the customer and we will promise them to keep them inspired. We
promise to launch ASAP.

When will products be available on your website?

We are currently busy selecting and ordering high quality products with our
suppliers. These are the products we expect to be the product you consider a
must have !

We would like to ask you to sign up for our newsletter or just visit our
website regularly to keep you updated with our launching and our assortment but
also to receive future discounts.

Will you sell vegan products ?
Yes, Lé Souhait will also offer vegan or cruelty free products to her
customers. If a brand or product is vegan, you can recognize it by a little
green logo which tells you if the product is cruelty free.

Would you like us to carry your line of products?

If you have a cosmetic (starting ) business and you would like to have Lé
Souhait carry your line of products you are always welcome to contact us at info@lesouhait.com.

Please provide us with your website and contact details when you do.

You can contact us at info@lesouhait.com

Our online website is currently under maintenance and we are still busy
selecting the products we would like to offer to our beloved customers. The
maintenance will allow us to make it easier to navigate you through our
website. You can choose to be informed by signing up for the newsletter and you
will receive note as soon as we have launched. If you are looking for an
e-retailer to carry your line of products or affiliate you can also contact us!



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